CP-500 PREMIUM Polysiloxane Water Repellent

CP-500 PREMIUM is a spec grade polysiloxane water repellent that protects masonry and other building materials against damage due to penetration by water and waterborne chemicals. CP-500 PREMIUM is not a surface coating. It penetrates up to ¼ inch or more into treated surfaces and bonds with the substrate to provide long lasting, protection, even at hairline cracks.

CP-500 Premium can be used on most vertical or horizontal, exterior, above-grade surfaces. Coverage rates vary from 50-250 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on surface porosity and texture.

Product Benefits

Excellent resistance to water intrusion

Exhibits excellent beading effects

No change in surface appearance

Breathable - does not trap moisture

Deep penetration into the substrate

High resistance to alkali attack

High resistance to wind-driven rain


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