Dithiazine Solids Remover


Dissolves Dithiazine Solids in Oil & Gas Applications

DithiaZolv™ is a concentrated mixture of proprietary and powerful surfactants specifically formulated to break down and dissolve thiazine solids formed when triazine-based H2S scavengers are used in oil and gas operations. Dissolving these solids into a water-based slurry allows for easy final rinsing and cleaning. DithiaZolv™ helps optimize flow performance in pipelines, valves, filters, tanks, and related process equipment. 


DithiaZolv™ is industry-proven as the BEST choice for removing dithiazine solids in triazine applications.

DithiaZolv™ has undergone years of product development, field trials, and testing to meet the stringent demands of the oil & gas industry. DithiaZolv™ is eco-friendly, non-hazardous, VOC compliant, and is formulated for quick, thorough lifting and suspension of thiazine contamination for easy rinsing and removal. 

THE PROBLEM - Dithiazine Solids

THE PROBLEM - Dithiazine Solids

THE SOLUTION - DithiaZolv™

THE SOLUTION - DithiaZolv™

DithiaZolv™ bottle

DithiaZolv™ quickly disperses dithiazine solids into an easy to handle slurry solution.

Visual Indicator - A quick shake test adding DithiaZolv™ to a small amount of dithiazine will confirm that the solids you have are, in fact, dithiazine.

Different sizes of container for Cp-500W

Customer Testimonial:

“After trying solvents, hot water and a couple of other cleaning products unsuccessfully we found DithiaZolv™. The DithiaZolv™ product quickly broke down and dissolved the dithiazine solids contaminant from a clogged filter element and vessel with trays. We plan to use this product for all future dithiazine cleaning applications.”

Jay – Gas Processing Plant Operator

Applications & Capabilities

Chemical, Oil, Gas, and Refining

  • Used to to clean tank trays in LPG processing applications
  • Used to clean regulators and valves in natural gas compressors
  • Used to clean valves, tanks and other equipment

In many cases, after P.O.T.W. testing, aqueous based DithiaZolv™ is admissible into sewer treatment systems for significant savings on disposal cost. DithiaZolv™ is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-hazardous which improves the safety of the work environment.

Product Benefits

Dissolves dithiazine solids

Improves gas flow performance

Reduces field and plant maintenance costs

Ideal for use in confined spaces

Excellent corrosion inhibitor properties

Concentrated for reduced shipping costs

Easy handling and diluting at all concentrations

Safe, non-toxic; non-flammable; non-hazardous

Container Info

  • 1 Gallon
  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • 55 Gallon Drum
  • 275 Gallon Totes

Dilution rates vary depending on level of contaminant and application temperature. See product datasheets for additional information.

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